International Chardonnay Day – May 25, 2017

Instagram - Corks in bottles #ChardDayMay 11, 2017:  International Chardonnay Day is a “floating” celebration held the Thursday before the last Monday in May – so it is coming up on May 25th this year. It’s a global virtual tasting!

It’s been growing in popularity for a number of years, particularly in the US and Australia, as well as here in Canada. We did not invent it. Lots of non-i4C wineries participate and some in a very big way. The i4C champions Chardonnay Day, and we make it the official launch of the i4C season … so it’s a very important day for us.

It’s time to plan what cool Chardonnay(s) you’ll share with us all – on social media, that is! Photos, videos, tweets, Instagram posts and any other social sharing is encouraged.

Show us what’s in your glass, your bottle, your food pairing, or visit a cool Chard producer and show us the vineyard, the winery, the winemaker, the tasting room staff … most of all, show us your love for this great grape!

Use #ChardDay and #i4C17 for sure, and on hashtag-loving Instagram, add whatever else you choose, such as #chardonnayday, #ILIVEchardonnay, #coolchardonnay, #keepcalmandchardon or something of your own creation!

FYI, i4C is on Twitter and Instagram at @coolchardonnay and on Facebook at /CoolChardonnayCelebration/. As you read above, the priority hashtags are #ChardDay and #i4C17. #ChardonnayDay is used too, but we’re focussing on #ChardDay ‘cuz it’s shorter!

Take a look at the Chardonnay Day social media contests here.

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