Niagara raises glass to cool climate Chards

“Weekend-long event is a giant toast to Chardonnay grown in more moderate climates.”


By Tiffany Mayer, The Hamilton Spectator, July 14, 2017

If you find yourself muttering “Anything but Chardonnay” when contemplating what to drink, 59 winemakers would like to have a word with you in Niagara next weekend.

They’ll be there, Chardonnays from their respective corners of the globe in tow, to show you that perhaps you’ve had it wrong all this time. That when produced in the right climate — a cool climate — one of the most popular wines in the world is worthy of room in your Riedel.

They’ll be making their case one glass at a time at the Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration (a.k.a. i4C) July 21 to 23. It’s the seventh edition of an event intended to be a giant toast to Chardonnay grown where the mercury’s rise is tempered by altitude, latitude, or a body of water.

i4C also serves as a mind-changer for those still clinging to the notion that Chardonnay is nothing but overwrought tipple best passed up.

“Ontario grapes tend to get a bad rap in terms of the domestic wine industry and this shows our grapes and wines can stand up to international wines and hold their own,” said Stacey Mulholland, i4C chair. “Especially Chardonnay.”

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