i4C Wrap-up

“This was straight up the best wine event that I attended – whether you had a love of Chardonnay or not …”

By Andre Proulx and Michael Pinkus, 2guystalkingwine, August 15, 2017

Michael Pinkus, Andre Proulx and i4C Chair Stacey Mulholland get together to review #i4C17. Interesting conversation between hard-core ABC-er Michael and Chardonnay super-fan Andre. Listen to more.

“One thing that was really impressive at the event, and I don’t know if it was maybe just a little bit of residual pride leftover from the 150th birthday of Canada, but I really felt that the Canadian wines from – literally now – from coast to coast showed exceptionally well.” ~ Andre Proulx

“Flights of Chardonnay was absolutely wonderful. The food was fantastic.” ~ Michael Pinkus

“I’m already counting the days until next year.” ~ Andre Proulx