i4C: Celebrating the Original Cool Grape

“The weekend was a great success, in part because of the number of high quality wines and participants.”

By Treve Ring, Gismondi On Wine, August 25, 2017

In mid-July I joined hundreds of fellow wine folk in Niagara to celebrate the original cool grape: chardonnay.

The seventh annual International Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration (i4C) saw 59 wineries from nine countries pour 159 chardonnays over the two days. In order to uphold the “international” title, more than half of the wineries were from outside Ontario, including Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Chile, New Zealand, Spain, Uruguay and the United States. We took in a full Friday of sessions at the School of Cool, opened by keynote speaker Karen McNeil and led by moderator John Szabo, and enjoyed an evening walkabout Flights of Chardonnay tasting at the local airport (complete with food trucks and a DJ). Saturday was spent in Niagara vineyards and lunching in a barn with winemakers, before we took in a cool chardonnay grand tasting and dinner under the stars at Ridley College. Trade and public mingled together throughout, all united by their appreciation for the coolest, chardy.

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