Chardonnay Day – the *clink* heard around the world

Each year, Chardonnay lovers unite in celebration of the coolest grape on earth. It’s called the International Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration (i4C) and the eighth annual event is July 20 -22. But then, you knew that, didn’t you? 😉

A couple of years before we started i4C here in Niagara, a concept called Chardonnay Day was born – another time for Chardonnay lovers to say cheers, and this time with a “clink” heard around the world!  It’s a “floating” celebration that is held annually on the Thursday before the last Monday in May (US Memorial Day) – so May 24 on this year’s calendar. That makes the timing PERFECT for us to kick off the season of i4C and for all of us to whet our appetites – and wet our lips!

Chardonnay Day is a day that the i4C family takes to heart, whether it’s our Ontario and International participants, our alumni winemakers, our cool “Cru” of volunteers or our beloved sponsors – when we tip our hats to the buds in the vineyard, raise our glasses to current vintages and uncork some special bottles. So we invite you to join us all in a GLOBAL VIRTUAL TASTING, sharing what’s in your glass. Our social media team (of one!) will be sharing and retweeting to amplify all the Chardonnay Day activity that you provide.

Chardonnay Day has been growing in popularity for a number of years, particularly in the US and Australia, as well as here in Canada. We did not invent it – that credit goes to California-based social media guy Rick Bakas. Lots of non-i4C wineries participate and some in a very big way. But the i4C champions Chardonnay Day,  and we make it the official launch of our season. Our social activity is a significant part of the global Chardonnay chatter, and that’s a good thing, because it’s where Chardonnay lovers are!

Chardonnay Day – a Global Virtual Tasting

May 24th | 12:00am – 11:59pm (in whatever timezone you are in!)
Use #ChardDay and #i4C18

It’s time to plan what cool Chardonnay(s) you’ll share with us all – on social media, that is! Photos, videos, slomo, Boomerangs, timelapse and anything else you’re inspired to do. Tweets, Instagram posts and stories and Facebook posts and stories are all encouraged. And Pinterest, SnapChat, LinkedIn and any other platform that resonates for you. Show us what’s in your glass, your bottle, a great food pairing, or who you are sharing with. Most of all, show us your love for this great grape!

Use #ChardDay and #i4C18 for sure, and on hashtag-loving Instagram, add whatever else you choose, such as #chardonnayday, #ILIVEchardonnay, #coolchardonnay, #keepcalmandchardon or something of your own creation!

FYI, i4C is on Twitter and Instagram at @coolchardonnay and on Facebook at /CoolChardonnayCelebration/. As you read above, the priority hashtags are #ChardDay and #i4C18. #ChardonnayDay is used too, but we’re focusing on #ChardDay ‘cuz it’s shorter!

if you’d like to share our graphics on Chardonnay Day, we’d be thrilled.


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