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i4C 2021, July 23-25

1 Exceptional Virtual Weekend

Cool Climate Chardonnay Connection

School of Cool

Tour the World with one Glass

i4C July 22-24, 2022

i4C 2021 recap of events.

Plans are in the works for i4C 2022 so keep checking here details.
In the interim, we have replays of all of the School of Cool sessions from Friday, July 23. If you didn’t have the chance to acquire the suggested pairings, you can do it now and watch the replays when you are ready. Click here for replay links and wine lists.

  • Session 1 Learn to Taste Like a Master of Wine with Michelle Cherutti-Kowal
  • Session 2 Dissecting Chardonnay! At a Molecular Level
  • Session 3 Is the World’s Favourite White Wine Grape the Most Sustainable?

We have also posted a replay of the Cool Chardonnay Virtual Dinner Celebration on Saturday night. It includes the Winemakers’ Chat and the Wine and Cheese Tasting. (Sorry, no DJ!)

In the week leading up to i4C weekend, some of our international producers hosted virtual events – keeping the ‘i’ in i4C! We’ll post several of the replays as soon as possible.

Look up – see the new “Buy Now” tab on this website to help you get your hands on all our amazing i4C selections.

The global passion, personalities and flavours of this amazing grape live on, and love ON!  

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 Updated Aug 27, 2021

The Wineries of i4C 2021