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Andrew Jefford

Special Guest and 2020 Keynote

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i4C 2021, July 23-25

1 Exceptional Virtual Weekend

Cool Climate Chardonnay Connection

School of Cool Homeschool Edition

Tour the World with one Glass

One Grape.
One World.
One Weekend.

Cool Climate Chardonnay Connection

The global wine celebration that simply can’t be stopped!

We Cool Climate Chardonnay lovers are a persistent bunch and will continue to find new ways of connecting to celebrate the wines we adore.

We hope you enjoyed the Andrew Jefford session on “Chardonnay – A Decade of Cool” and the John Szabo lead “Debating Cool Chardonnay” webinars featured on Friday July 17.

Please click here to learn about Digging Deep Into Ontario’s Sub-Appellations, showcasing Ontario Chardonnay producers, grape growers and viticulturists

The first ever #i4CAtHome Cooking Challenge featuring Chardonnay-inspired recipes shared from some of Ontario’s most beloved wine country Chefs was a success. Click here for the recipes and congratulations to our winners!


  • Support Ontario VQA wineries and grape growers by checking out the list of featured VQA Ontario Chardonnays below.

 While the format of the weekend’s festivities was different, the global passion, personalities and flavours of this amazing grape live on! 

So mark your calendars for July 23-25, 2021, because when we get to gather in-person again, it is going to be one can’t-miss celebration!

Stay cool and follow i4C on FacebookInstagram and Twitter at @coolchardonnay for up-to-the-minute updates and all the latest details.

Updated July 23, 2020

The Wineries of i4C 2020