The Official Cool Chardonnay World Tour Menu

The coolest weekend of the year is almost here! The signature event of the i4C, the Cool Chardonnay World Tour, showcases the world’s best Chardonnays and Ontario’s best cuisines, in the spectacular courtyard of Ridley College.

Chef Craig Youdale  (Canadian Food & Wine Institute at Niagara College ),  Chef Alex White (Benchmark Restaurant), Chef Ross Midgley (Ravine Vineyard Restaurant) and the dream team of the region’s top winery chefs will rise to the occasion, creating the ultimate family-style menu.

Here’s what you can look forward to

I4C 2018 Cool Chardonnay World Tour Grand Tasting
Assorted local cheese selection
Sponsored by Gay Lea Foods

“Reuben” sausage bites with Mary Rose Sauce and Rye nf
Fogo Island Cod Brandade on crostini with NC Bomba nf
Cucumber with red pepper and cream cheese mousse gf   nf   veg
White bean hummus with tabbouleh on corn flatbread gf   nf   V

 Cool Chardonnay World Tour Dinner
Presented by VQA Wines of Ontario and LCBO VINTAGES

I4C Vigneron’s Platter
De la Terre Bread
NC Charcuterie with mustard, chutney, and pickles gf nf
Assorted cheese selection gf nf Veg
Sponsored by Gay Lea
K2 milling grain salad with ranch and hummus nf veg
Tomato and cucumber salad with tzatziki gf nf veg

Smoked Ocean Wise Spring Salmon gf nf
Local bee pollen, estate herbs, fenugreek, dijon crust
Chef Jason Parsons – Peller Estates Winery & Restaurant

Charred Ontario Broccoli and Carrots gf nf v
Pimento d’Espelette, minted soubise, sesame

“Niagara Fried Chicken”
Southern Fried Slow Cooked Chicken nf
Compressed watermelon pickled rind and sausage gravy,
Chef Justin Downes – Vineland Estates Winery

Roasted Zucchini and Summer Squash gf nf v
Grilled corn, radicchio kale and lemon sunflower dressing

Pastrami Spice Crusted Beretta Farms Beef Tenderloin gf nf
Served medium rare with celeriac and horseradish slaw
99 Triple crunch whisky mustard
Chef Frank Dodd – Trius Winery & Restaurant

New Potatoes and Rainbow Chard gf nf v
Dill, tarragon and mustard dressing

Grand Tasting, Vigneron Platter and Side dishes
Canadian Food & Wine Institute & Benchmark Restaurant

Please inform your server of any dietary concerns.
Our team of chefs is happy to accommodate.
We hope you enjoy your “World Tour” of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir,
Cabernet Franc and Gamay during dinner poured by our team of
volunteer sommeliers.

gf – gluten free nf – nut free veg – vegetarian v – vegan
The facilities where the foods were prepared are not certified allergy free.


Rain back up plans are in place.