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  • Over 210 wineries from 40+ cool climate wine regions have participated between 2011-2018.
  • More than 670 different Chardonnays have been poured
  • Over 14,000 consumers have participated since the event’s inception
  • Keynote speakers: Matt Kramer, 2011 & 2015 (Wine Spectator, USA), Stephen Brook, 2012 (Decanter Magazine, UK), Steven Spurrier, 2013 (Decanter Magazine, UK), Tim Atkin, 2014 (wine-searcher.com, UK), Ian d’Agata, 2016 (Decanter Magazine, vinous.com), Karen MacNeil, 2017 (winespeed.com, The Wine Bible, USA), and Jon Bonné, 2018 (The New California Wine, The New Wine Rules)
  • Special guest speakers: UK author Jamie Goode, NY Master of Wine Christy Canterbury and Cool Climate expert Blake Gray, Paul Anamosa Ph.D
  • 2,500 guests annually, including 30+ media guests and 40+ local and international sommeliers.
  • Multiple events annually, held in stunning vineyards and other unique venues all across Niagara
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“Over the course of 3 days, I tasted a slew of chardonnays and sparkling wines that blew me away. Our neighbors to the north are making some of the most vibrant wines in the New World. For the most part the chardonnays are wines with lift and elegance; wines with a vibrational core of crispness; wines that are mouthwatering and fresh.”

– Karen MacNeil, winespeed.com & Author of The Wine Bible


“This was straight up the best wine event that I attended – whether you had a love of Chardonnay or not…”

– Andre Proulx, 2 Guys Talking Wine


“The key word is Celebration. We gathered to celebrate some great cool-climate wines and to explore what made them distinctive, but we also enjoyed those wines with top international winemakers alongside great food in a delightfully informal atmosphere. The perfect blend of sophisticated appreciation and unsophisticated fun.”

– Stephen Brook, when asked about his visit to i4C.


“By now, wine loving Ontarians know that the third weekend in July is devoted to chardonnay. From an idea hatched at a casual fireside gathering of local winemakers in 2009, to a party on the grandest scale, the International Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration, or “i4C”, has become a fixture on the local and international wine calendar.”

– John Szabo, Master Sommelier, Principal Critic at WineAlign.com and Author of Volcanic Wines: Salt, Grit and Power


“I Became Convinced that Ontario is the World’s Least-Known Great Wine Zone. This past June I was in Ontario because I was asked to be a speaker at a conference on cool-climate Chardonnays. It was my third trip to Ontario, which, for a West Coast boy is a long ways away, and I was reminded yet again of how extraordinary Ontario wines can be. I was also reminded of how largely unknown these wines are to the larger world.”

– Matt Kramer, “What I Learned This Year,” Wine Spectator


“Events like I4C (International Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration) prove we have what it takes to make serious wines that can compete on a world scale.”

-Wes Wiens, VineTech Canada and 2013 Niagara Grape King


“To return to the International Cool Climate (Chardonnay Celebration) is a great privilege. Ontario wines are the epitome of cool climate, which puts them right on the cutting edge. I’m anxious to taste the latest, as quality keeps surging, seemingly with every new vintage.”

– Matt Kramer, Wine Spectator Magazine

“The incredible thing about the i4C is that while it really is all about the grape, it brings people together in a unique and exciting way. From winemakers, to winery representatives, to industry professionals, scientists and writers, we came together to share our love for Chardonnay and cool climate wine.”

– Mike and Jeff, The Sparkling Winos 


Wineries of the i4C: 2011 – 2018